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2020 LONDON Festival Competition is open to all instrumentalists (Piano, Piano Duo, Strings, Woodwinds, Harp, Voice and Chamber Music Groups) of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video recording materials for the audition. Multiple winners will be chosen in each age category.

Each discipline is divided into different age categories:
Young Musician (8 years old and younger),
Junior (9 – 12 years old), Intermediate (13 – 15 years old),
Advanced (16 – 18 years old) and Young Professional (19 years old and Older).

Chamber Music Groups is divided into three age categories:
Group A (12 years old and younger)
Group B (13 – 18 years old)
Group C (19 years old and Older)


Age category and time limit for Video submission:

Solo Groups

8 Years Old and Younger YOUNG MUSICIAN 5 Minutes
9 – 12 Years Old JUNIOR 6 Minutes
13 – 15 Years Old INTERMEDIATE 6 Minutes
16 – 18 Years Old ADVANCED 8 Minutes
19 Years Old and Older YOUNG PROFESSIONAL 8 Minutes

Chamber Music Groups

(Piano four hands, piano duo, Violin Duo, Cello Duo and mixed ensembles etc.)

12 Years Old and Younger GROUP A 5 Minutes
13 – 18 Years Old GROUP B 7 Minutes
19  Years Old and Older GROUP C 8 Minutes

* Age according to the registration deadline as 1st August 2020.

8 Years Old and Younger YOUNG MUSICIAN 02/08/2011 or Later
9 – 12 Years Old JUNIOR 02/08/2011 – 01/08/2007
13 – 15 Years Old INTERMEDIATE 02/08/2007 – 01/08/2004
16 – 18 Years Old ADVANCED 02/08/2004 – 01/08/2001
19 Years old and Older YOUNG PROFESSIONAL After 01/08/2000
12 Years Old and Younger GROUP A 02/08/2007 or Later
13 – 18 Years Old GROUP B 02/08/2007 – 01/08/2001
19 Years Old and Older GROUP C After 01/08/2000

Last Updated: 1 April 2020.

General Rules

To enter the competition you need to you choose one or two pieces from the standard repertoire (Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary periods) with good quality videos of your playing. One movement of Sonata could be accepted as a separate piece.

  1. Only un-edited video can be accepted for the audition (parts of video connected together or video clips are not acceptable).
  2. Recordings should be a fair representation of the Contestant’s abilities, but need not be of a professional quality. Applicant’s name and exact title of the audition piece must be included in the description of the video on YouTube (Vimeo, etc.).
  3. Contestants must perform from memory. No repeats. Music for Chamber Music Groups does not have to be memorized.
  4. Only original pieces will be accepted for pianists, no shortened versions.
  5. The participant should be dressed well and in an appropriate manner.
  6. The final selection of winners will be based solely on the video recordings submitted.
  7. No changes to biographical information are allowed after the application is submitted.
  8. Judges comments will not be disclosed. Judges’ decisions are final and can’t be appealed.
  9. Season II Competition results name list will be published on the Festival Website on 31 August, 2020. 
  10. Please email us if there is a change in repertoire for winner’s recital.
  11. Festival Competition Organizational Committee reserves the rights to make any changes into the rules, venue, dates schedules and other information related to the Competitions or Published on this site.

Steps for Applying

Submit your video, online registration form and registration fees before 31 July 2020.

  1. Submit your online registration form and Video link.
  2. You will receive your results in 4-6 weeks time once you submitted your video and we will email you the details of the 2020 London Festival Winner’s information.
    (* Participants will receive invitation to perform in LONDON and attend the Music Academy with Top -class master teachers. There will be an option to join a special designed 9-day UK Academy & Musical Tour. (Accommodation, meals and land transport are included for Participants who sign up for academy and musical tour. Please kindly reply soonest so that we can secure you this special tour at the rate stated below which is subject to availability and also first come first serve.)
  3. London Festival Competition Winner will be selected from video submission and Certificate of achievement will be mail to Winners.


London Festival will give an opportunity to all young musicians to perform on stage in the international concert venue.